The Golden Age of Juggling

historical jugglerOriginally posted 3rd February 2009

It struck me recently whilst perusing the video sites of the Internet that we are in the golden age of juggling. Not only has the skill level risen exponentially, the field is diversifying, with a rising generation of kids who are given access to a wealth of existing routines, patterns, notations. Contrary to opinions voiced by some of my colleagues, rarely does a week go by when we don’t discover a new talent, a little technical marvel or a cheeky routine. Whether it is German experimentalists emulating clockwork orange in festivals in Mexico, 12 year old virtuosos re-inventing 3 ball juggling permutations, American Beatniks rewriting stream of juggling consciousness like there were never any rules to follow anyway, ninja jugglers, the Las Vegas sports brigade, French butohists hanging naked from trees, mathematricksters, introverted/extroverted Scandinavians with brightly coloured plastic props, the landscape of contemporary juggling is rich in its diversity and is constantly expanding. This landscape was unimaginable 20 years ago.

On a separate note i just edited a couple of commercial style videos. The ideas was to make something short which sold the aesthetics of juggling. There something so seducing about slow motion juggling and opera. Why aren’t more juggling videos edited to opera?

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