Evolutionary Siteswaps

Originally posted on the 5th of February 2009

The joyful Darwin celebrations reminded me of William Latham’s evolutionary art work which had its heyday In the 1980s.

I have for a long time imagined with great delight a siteswap animator which did a version of what William Latham’s organic art screen saver did. I imagine a disregard for conventional gravity, objects leaping about in complex Spirographic patterns, objects being trailed by mutating copies of themselves, Objects orbiting between multiple gravities, objects travelling through non Euclidean spaces. If we are going down the hypothetical road why not imagine passing patterns in the style described above with the jugglers on mini planets orbiting around each other in 3 dimensional space. I don’t think my mind could cope with more dimensions.

The Organic art screen saver can still be found on the Internet. And still delights me to this day. Below is a small film which gives an idea of the software.

http://www.freesaver.com/organic.htm There is a more refined version than this floating around.

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