Existential jesters

There is something about good shows which lingers in the mind like a slowly diluting medicine, slowly re-releasing its images, re-opening doors and questions.

I had one of these experiences with Les Ballets C de la B at London’s Saddlers Wells theatre. An evening of intense psycho-sexual European angst, emanating from Bach’s seminal and haunting St Matthew’s Passion. Quoting classical painting’s representations of Biblical suffering, via virtuoso dysfunctionality, and Forsythian wiggling…the word made flesh in more ways than one…Good art leaves things opens, unfinished, like Michael Haneke’s films.

In the mist of it all, I wondered if as jugglers we were existential jesters, hovering outside the gravitas of the other art forms, or indeed if circus in general serves a different purpose to all of this.

I left happy and elated, in that special way that the combination of insightful music and dance can give one. Perhaps this is what religious people describe as a spiritual experience.

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