Beckett’s juggling legacy

I found this bit of text on the bottom of a duet program from 2003, i don’t remember writing it but it got me thinking.

“On the surface of it, juggling seems very straightforward: a wrestle with gravity to keep a number of objects up in the air. There is something very Beckettian about this repetitive task, everything caught, everything thrown. And yet in the personal world of the juggler the act of dropping, or rather the fight to keep things in the air, is not primordial. The primordial is the pattern. The juggler’s world is filled with the nuances of patterns: heights, orbits, rhythms, landing and throwing positions, hand-throwing orders, anatomical topologies and so on. It is a world of parabolic arcs slicing through space to create ephemeral architectures, broken here and there by the human inevitability of drops. It is this short lived world that we seek to celebrate and share.”

I have been greatly enjoying the Spill Festival, with a thought provoking visit to see Jan Fabre last night, and Roberto Castelucci’s haunting “Inferno”. It had a Cube just like ours but theirs was filled with little children menaced by a lurking black cloud.

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