Patterns everywhere and juggling synesthesia.

In Ben Beevers book on siteswaps he suggested a simple system for transforming many things in life into siteswap juggling patterns. Like standing by the traffic light and seeing the order in which trucks motorcycles and cars go past. I was thinking about this today and speculating about the complex

juggling patterns that the global network of airports is creating. Perhaps one could make complex graphic illustrations of these. How different would the juggling pattern made by the worlds 747s be from the one made by the single engined Cesnas…There would also be a strange geo-political aspect to these patterns. The American airspace indubitably more populated than the African one. I diverge though.

I am currently learning Beethoven’s so called easy Piano Sonata, which i don’t in any way find easy! What an extraordinary sense of structure the man had! I started thinking that if each note was a ball, ie each c or f sharp, then if one counts the number of beats until it is replayed, then one also could generate interesting patterns which would precisely echo the musics structure. There are interesting conundrums to do with what happens if a note appears only once. One would have to allow for rhythmic change, which classical siteswap does not. One could generate 2 patterns for piano music, one for the right and one for the left….a visualisation of music/juggling synesthesia….

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