Dubai Again

For the last decade we have been doing regular working expeditions to Dubai and the Middle east.  Dubai feels like a Modern Byzantium. A crossroads between many worlds and cultures…I feel like we come here to be modern jesters, Felliniesque clowns for Indo-arabic families….Families in their tribal best, parading thru endless air conditioned shopping malls which fight the fierce hot dessert outside.  I sometimes feel like I am in a David Lynchian reality, a pretend world. This is no longer Arabia, it is straight out of Blade Runner…unfinished buildings crowning a dust filled skyline….The biggest, the most expensive…and a visual archeology of the working economies of the world, where certain nationalities do certain jobs.  And yet I feel strangely at home here, al jazeera on the tv, Hindi songs blasting from the taxis… Byzantium, Booked by Polish/Italian organisation, to do a copy of a show where we pretend to be Italian with a German Belgian cast…audience of Arab, Slavic  Indian Families, in their Sunday tribal best…Jesters In Byzantium… A medieval future.  On a separate note Daniel’s Siteswap Blog. I think Daniel should open a siteswap  shop in Berlin, in my world such business ventures would work!

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