Juggler in Paradise

At this time of the year London is fantastic for Classical Music aficionados. Every night of the summer there is a Prom concert to attend to. The program for this one caught my attention:

The second piece, by American composer Augusta Read Thomas, is subtitled “Juggler in Paradise”.

Robert Maycock says about the piece:

“And the work’s subtitle? It’s a metaphor for the way solo and orchestra relate, a continuous rhapsodic cadenza set against ‘paradisiacal constellations’. It’s physical, too: in Thomas’s music dance is always close by. When the violin starts to speed up, the score suggests playing ‘as if “juggling” the notes, rhythms, articulations’; and further on, ‘like several objects in motion, in the air’.”

The composer must have a real interest in Juggling as one of her other works is called “Juggler of the day”.

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