I was watching Mondays with Merce on the Cunningham web page.We did a series of juggling convention events inspired by the sense of event/space that Cunningham pioneered.
Below is a picture from Grenoble 96 events which i remember with fondness. I always liked the idea of doing shows in the gym as opposed to on stage, I like what it does to the expectations and the humanising process. In the picture are Dancer Juggler Ben Craft and Alix Wilding and Simon Milius from Feeding the Fish.

Treating juggling as a choreographable substance is a always a battle ground between its intrinsic tendency towards maximalism (look what I can do ma) and the desire to mould it in spacial-temporal terms. I believe juggling suffers
from this more than music and dance and is one of the reasons the aesthetic approach has been difficult.

Juggler’s nostalgia old props not juggled in a long time…coloured Dube stage balls….I can almost feel them in my hand.


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