Clapping Music

This video has just hit 100 000 views. It’s fascinating that the video has more hits than any of our other videos. Indeed it is perhaps a depressing thought that the video has more hits than the magnificent original!

The video was filmed during a 3 weeks residency in Berlin for the Roncalli Wintercircus. We had a lot of backstage time we started playing with bouncing the basic Clapping Music rhythm. Progressively all the jugglers learned it, and every night before our routine 2 of us would have a go with a small camcorder. After a couple of weeks of trying 2 jugglers finally got it, but we thought it unfair since there where 6 of us to post just 2. So we tried to film the whole thing with all 6 jugglers. We filmed it 4 times and the fourth one is the one on you-tube.

The piece is an accurate rendition of Steve Reich’s score. The twelve note phrase is shifted against itself 12 times until its is back in unison. We decided to do all 12 repetitions of each bar.

I like its non juggling structure. The fact that the structure of the piece is non climactic (although one could interpret the end unison as a climax)…

Juggling’s complex interaction with music and indeed juggling’s ability to produce sound are aspects of juggling performance which i feel still have a lot to yield…. Obviously there is the rhythmic thump of the object hitting the hand. But what of the xenakian interpretation of each parabolic arc as it slices space….

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