The joys of the circus


Sometimes life delivers images as ready made archetypes. I grew up in Havana. My circus education came via visits from the Moscow state with my parents. As a child this world was enchanting and wondrous. A world i longed to belong too.

We have just returned from doing a filmed gala for Liana Orfeis Golden Circus in Rome. In the haze of jet lag i was transported back into this childhood world, North Korean flying trapeze that performed a quadruple, Nervous Kozack Horse riders exuding filmic machoness, Echoes of Fellini’s clowns, Ringling brothers veterans, chain smoking ringboys…envelopes of cash, the Russian language filtered through thin dressing room walls…a world from another time, before Soleil and new variety. Marvelous.
Images to satisfy the child inside.

Liana Orfei’s Golden Circus.



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