The relative value of art

Tom Johnson_Gandinis

Owen Reynolds, Tom Johnson, Chris Patfield, Inaki Fernandez Sastre, Jon Udry, Sean Gandini, Kati Yla-Hokkala performing Tom’s three notes for three jugglers.
I have often thought that the appreciation of performance is completely intertwined in the context it is performed in. We recently had the pleasure of performing a work in progress version of two of Tom Johnson’s pieces. In the context of a contemporary classical concert our showing felt light hearted and frivolous, in the context of a friendly juggling showing it felt serious and rigid…

This summer more finalised versions of these pieces will be premiered officially. Tom has been extremely generous over the years with sharing his music and we are very exited that he is getting interested in juggling as music. Indeed i think he lectured in Luke Wilson and Jay Gilligan’s music and juggling course in Stockolm.

On a separate note, someone noted that although they appreciated our version of Steve Reich’s clapping music they felt that it was more a visual illustration than a piece of music. I see their point.

Tom Johnson and performers

The Post QuartetTim Parkinson, Michael Parsons and the Gandinis.

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