Social Siteswaps Patterns looking for a home

There is a great sense of relief, of letting go when one has finished a large project. That is also the fascinating time when things take on a life of their own, assume an independent identity.

And so we finally release Social Siteswaps. Looking from the outside there is alternative narrative to the film…
a life which is away from the numbers and looping canons…
the inside of a Tom Waits song…notational emergence layered on a backdrop of trained circus animals…every orbital pathway matched by a showgirl or Strongman…3p3p11 layered
onto the promise of Belarusian erotic antipodism…1970s mime clowns love-lost in Shanghai hotel rooms…pigeon parades…

It’s like a large box full of small dreams – toy dreams – of places where one opened unfinished shopping centers-
of backstage areas like constructions sites – of endless car journeys across the American Midwest – of all the time one waits before performing for 7 minutes –
Thats how it all seems right now….

Probably its just a bunch of numerical patterns looking for a home.

Social Siteswaps is available here.

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