Blue Moon

There is a beautiful time between projects where one can indulge one’s folie des grandeurs. A few weeks where one can count throws and compete against oneself. It’s when juggling is at its most exhilarating yet most absurd. Just one’s juggling friends and the big gym space.

The opening pattern in the video is (6p,6x), …Over the last few years we have been playing with lifting the self in order to facilitate putting more objects into the air. And yet deep down there is a sense of this being cheating, that the Russian circus way is better…
In this video there is a bit of both, 18 ring gorillas appear the Russian way, with the feedees doing 7p5 and the other way, with the feedees doing (6p, 6x).

This is an ongoing debate in the company, which one of these ways is most conductive to long runs, and which one is most aesthetic…The results often tiptoe a mixture of aesthetics, geometry, longevity and sore hands…

I say Russians but actually the pioneers of this kind of large scale ring passing are the Chen Brothers, the Nanjing acrobatic troupe, i assume that they no longer perform i wonder what become of them!, i heard a rumour that they retired and are living in Vegas…I suppose that is what is supposed to happen to us jugglers, we retire and move to Vegas…

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