Pedagogical escapades

Kati and I had Pedagogical January with intensensive workshops in Quebec City and Montreal, we have been fortunate over the years to meet many of the leading lights of the current juggling scene
whilst they were still learning, Joelle Huguening did workshops with us from the age of 11! I sometimes feel like i learn more from the students than they learn from us, but perhaps that is true of all teaching.
Teaching also makes you question what you do and teach, do i really apply what i am teaching to our own juggling, to our own creative process? Do i have as much energy and commitment as these kids?

We also had the unexpected pleasure of having a couple of cutting edge performers attend our workshops. It reassures me that the north American performance juggling scene has more and more diversity!

I miss the sound of snow crunching under my feet on the way to teach, miss French Canadian French. The journey home was via a week rehearsals for our new show Motet in Helsinki and a lecture in Madrid and Le Plus Cabaret in Paris. Its good to be home for a little bit.

In the photo the juggling specialists and teachers at the Montreal Circus School.


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