Tabloid Juggling


So today we get an email from one of the researchers at ITV which i reproduce below.

I hope you don’t mind me emailing out of the blue. My name is xxxx and I work in the UK on the television show Britain’s Got Talent. I came across a video of you called ‘Clapping Music’ on YouTube and I wanted to get in touch.

He then proceeds to tell us we would be perfect for Britain has got Talent. Wow Steve Reich for Tabloid TV? What next, Table from Downfall? Which has all the performers sitting and virtually doing nothing for 10 minutes? Now we get a number of these every year as do most established performers and one politely says no thanks. This one however struck me as particularly absurd. Here is a supremely repetitive piece of juggling, 8 minutes of tiny variations on a 12 beat cycle and this researcher seems to think that this would be good on multicoloured Tabloid TV…

Actually Mat Ricardo has a nice series of letters which he exchanged with them which are a good summing of up of the absurdity of our relationship with the Tabloid Mothership… Depressing stuff.

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