Sea of Theatricality

In our early years we had a formalist commitment to juggling for juggling’s sake. Two decade’s ago we raged against narrative circus, placing our humble art form in an idealised box.

I remembered this recently during our residency at the National Theatre. We have been swimming in a sea of theatricality. Juggling has a cryptic and untapped theatrical potential. The archetypes which surround it, are perhaps its richest pickings. It’s absurdness is its strength.

This year we have been playing with starting shows from images instead of structure. It has been a curious journey. From the Alexander Mcqueen inspired sketches at Circomedia to the performance art inspired sketches of Blotched. Hopefully some of these ideas will mature in Clowns and Queens the company’s large scale.

Pictures from these theatrical escapades below.

Perhaps we move away from the idea of juggling being a blank slate language, but rather a symbolically rich language which has many stories to tell. Perhaps also it will be fun to put juggling back into its idealised box…circular stages with the unadulterated joy of those parabolic arts, logarithmic, unfrontal, ephemeral…

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