Remembering Gill Clarke

Gill Clarke

It is difficult in the emotion of the moment to speak calmly of the phenomenal influence and generosity that Gill had towards us. I hope to write something more coherent later.
I remember 20 years ago my excitement in a phone booth when Gill agreed to play with us. I remember Gill sneaking us in to Sue Davies dance classes in assorted spaces across London…I remember late night phone conversations about John Cage and about fragmenting juggling patterns…I remember dance sequences so beautifully eliptical they seemed to emanate from another planet…I remember her spending countless hours on movement detail that we probably never did justice to…I remember the weight of her body when she demonstrated a lift or lean…I remember how she called us Seamus and Katiushka…
I realize now that the wealth of these memories will stay with us always. There are traces of her in everything we do. If there was celestial justice though she would not have left so soon…
I am sure she touched a multitude of people with the same intensity that we felt and I suppose that is a rare gift to have had. We will miss her more than words can say, as a friend and as a teacher.
Sean G

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