Traces of Broken things

Orkney Crockery

Our Friend Beinn Muir with whom we are currently collaborating on a book of juggling patterns sent the following after our recent shows at the Royal Opera House. We gathered the broken crockery from the last show.

“I had an idea that I wanted to ask you about on Thursday night. My parents live in Orkney and love to collect old pottery on the beach. I often do the same when I am there and at Christmas I found a fragment of an old ceramic ginger beer bottle from 1920! While we were there my parents kept on saying that they wanted broken pottery that they could throw in the sea to be tumbled and worn by the waves to be found by future generations. So now to my idea: would it be possible to collect together the broken crockery from your last show and keep it so that I can send it up to Orkney to be put in the sea for future generations to find? I thought it would have an interesting sense of persistence for such a wonderful series of shows in an amazing venue.”

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