Time for Vivaldi


Part of Arron Sparks obsession with recording and timing things. This is a time lapse of Zephyr our collaboration with the Orchestre Regional de Basse normandie. A piece set to Vivaldi’s popular 4 seasons. The time is layered with a slowed down version of movement one/Spring.
It is rare yearly pleasure we have to perform with sophisticated live music.
Working with musicians always elicits many thoughts and comparisons. What would juggling be like if it existed in the same context as music within orchestras, with repertory interpreters able to quickly fathom complex pieces purely from notation.

What is the global ratio of professional jugglers versus professional musicians. Professional jugglers versus professional pianists. Amateur Jugglers versus amateur musicians…my instinct pushes me to 1000 to 1.

Questions of popular culture versus high art. We performed for a lot of children who don’t know the classical music clapping etiquete but reacted genuinely to what they liked and didn’t like. My favorite part of the day was chatting to my numerous new 5 year old friends. I asked a group of them if they new Vivaldi’s first name and upon informing them that it was Antonio, she told me the new Power Ranger is silver and is called Antonio.

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