CLØWNS & QUEENS is available for touring

CLØWNS & QUEENS is co-produced by La brèche, Agit Cirk, Cirque Jules Verne and Lighthouse Poole as part of PASS – The Circus Channel

The beauty of circus lies in unfathomable places.

CLØWNS & QUEENS is dirty circus. Clown eroticism. Humiliation as entertainment. Pre-raphaelite hoola hooping. Horizontal juggling.

Somewhere between Circus and performance art, the Gandinis’ new work is a departure. This is juggling disrobed, unthroned.
Away from their usual mathematical obsessions, this universe is about the juggler’s body, about the juggler’s perversity.
With echoes of Stanley Kubrick, Federico Fellini and stunning costumes by fashion designer Gemma Banks this is a brave show for brave audiences.
“…the risk pays off: it is in the intersection between circus, dance and madness that the most exciting living theatre comes alive.”
[TRANSLATED FROM] Libération, March 2013

For further information about the show, please download The CLØWNS & QUEENS Info Pack

For booking enquiries, please click here

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