Spanish reviews

More Smashed newspaper coverage, this time from a short visit to two festivals in Spain.

Burgos (English translation below):

Poetry sneaks into the festival

Nine jugglers, eighty apples and four sets of crockery. With this skeleton, in just half an hour, the English company Gandini Juggling left the audience open-mouthed and giving a standing ovation (at least in the first of the two shows).
As their ability and precision is presupposed, the seven men and two women who formed the cast moved the crowd with their choreographies, the lyrical images created to the sound of the gramophone and the music of Little Jack Little, Al Bowlly, Louis Armstrong or Vivaldi, and the poetry of a staging that commences as a serene dream and finishes with the cathartic explosion of destruction.
The apples that started dancing alone, added followers in the form of couples, quartets and communes; the bucolic rhythm of the beginning slowly turned into an ego fight, and the simplicity of the introduction
gave way to a virtuosity of theatrical merits.
The poetry of Gandini Juggling in the Plaza Mayor raised the bar very high in this first day of the XIV Festival of the Arts En Clave de Calle.


Photo: Andrés Fernández/El diario Montañés

4 thoughts on “Spanish reviews

  1. Gente como yo acostumbrada ha ver grandes espectáculos circense al igual que el respetable y complicado publico santaderino nos quedamos boquiabiertos con su precisión y escenografía gente como ellos hacen que muchos niños no pierdan la ilusión en el circo y algunos como yo no perdamos la fe en el.mi mas sincera enorabuena.

    • Gracias gorka, nos alegramos de que disfrutases del espectáculo. Nosotros nos quedamos muy contentos con la cálida recepción del público.

      • como ya os dije en un correo desde el nombre de locours pocos grupos circenses por no decir ninguno tienen la imaginación y el talento que vosotros demostraísteis en tan solo media hora y aun que solo tenga 13 años os puedo asegurar que lo que os e dicho os lo digo con criterio

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