The beauty of circus lies in unfathomable places.

CLØWNS & QUEENS is dirty circus. Clown eroticism. Humiliation as entertainment. Pre-raphaelite hoola hooping. Horizontal juggling.

An exploration into the cross over between Circus, Dance and Performance Art that pays tribute to the strange beauty of various golden ages of circus whilst deftly subverting its archetypes.
The newest addition to the Gandinis’ repertoire is a departure from their usual mathematical juggling obsessions; this universe is about the juggler’s body and it’s perversity, with echoes of Stanley Kubric and Frederico Fellini.

‘A constantly shifting dance of desire’ Lyn Gardner, THE GUARDIAN

‘…the risk pays off: it is in the intersection between circus, dance and madness that the most exciting living theatre comes alive.’
Edouard Launet, LIBÉRATION

CLØWNS & QUEENS  was premiered at SPRING FESTIVAL 2013 in La brèche and received it’s UK Premiere at Shoreditch Town Hall, London.

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Further information can be found via the CLØWNS AND QUEENS website

CLØWNS & QUEENS is co-produced by La brèche, Agit Cirk, Cirque Jules Verne and The Lighthouse, part of the EU-funded cross-border cooperation programme of the European Regional Development Fund for the contemporary circus project, PASS Circus Channel.

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