Glow routines have become Gandini Juggling most popular performances. They are a magical marriage of the most advanced light technology available and virtuoso juggling.

Cirque du Soleil were so impressed by our Glow work that they booked four Gandini performers to be residents at their Macau show Zaia in 2011!


The colours of the clubs are pre-programmed to be completely in time with the music, pulsating, jumping and fading in and out of mesmerising colour palettes. Beneath the high tech façade and pretty colours lies a steady foundation built from years of performing some of the most complex and difficult juggling patterns on the planet. This makes our style unique.

We have a variety of existing routines which have been performed in all manner of events: television shows, openings of shopping centres, award ceremonies, Christmas parties and just about every kind of event imaginable. We have enough glow clubs to light up a small juggling village!

We use Aerotech Glowclubs, the Porsche of juggling equipment. Given enough time, we can programme the colours to the music of your choice with up to 10 million different colours!

The music we have used ranges from the elegant classic Mozart’s Symph. 25 to trendy electronica and up beat Black Eyed Peas.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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